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What is BeastSkins?
BeastSkins is a project with various types of online games such as, for instance, case solving that enables you to raise your capital in CS:GO or Dota items.
How do I start playing on your website?
In order to start playing with us you need to add money to your account using G2A PAY any way you prefer, through Paypal, MasterCard, Visa, PaySafeCard and so on. You will gain access to your balance after authorising on BeastSkins using your Steam account.
What are credits (crd)?
What are credits (crd)?It’s the universal currency of BeastSkins. With this currency you can buy items in CS:GO,Dota 2 or PUBG markets and then withdraw them. Currency rate is 1crd = 1USD. As you can see it’s all pretty simple :)
How do I withdraw my purchased items?
You can do that on the CS:GO page or on for Dota 2 taking the following steps: 1. Select the object you want to withdraw. 2. Press ‘Withdraw’ and then press ‘Send’ in the pop-up window. 3. After this you automatically get your item in Steam within the next 30 seconds.
Why should I trust you?
BeastSkins is fully open to its clients. There is an open live stream with the latest winners that updates in real time. We list the top players and, of course, use Provably Fair tool that clearly verifies that we are not able to impact the course of your game and that everything is highly transparent. Besides, you can always check out videos on Youtube and learn what other players think of us in order to pass your final judgment :)
Ok. Why should I play on your website?
The cases and other games on BeastSkins are much more profitable than on Valve and other websites. Here you have a much higher chance of paying off your investment.
Where do I get Trade URL? is your trade url for exchanges between our bots and your account.
I’ve added the money to my account, but it hasn’t been transferred. What can be done?
We use G2A Pay to process your payments. Usually it takes about 10-15 minutes for your payment to go through. Sometimes it can be delayed for about 1 hour. You can contact our customer support or G2A Pay customer support in order to get more information about your payment. All your transactions and their status are available in the personal cabinet.
I’m unable to authorise my account on the website.
We use Steam Community for the account authorisation. Sometimes there are technical issues on Steam and it is not able to process your requests. Usually it takes from about 5 minutes to a couple of hours for Steam to put their servers back to work.
I am unable to get my item in Steam.
Your problem might be related to Steam having technical issues at the moment. Try to withdraw your item a bit later after Steam fixes its servers. It’s also important for you not to have any Steam Guard restrictions. The reasons for that are listed here —
Do you have customer support?
Yes, definitely. Just contact us at at any convenient time and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.